Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Season is upon us...

As much as I don't want to admit it, Christmas time is here. It seems like it starts earlier and earlier every year! Don't get me wrong; I'm no Scrooge.  In fact, I adore the Christmas season .  It's just that I'd like to have my turkey and green bean casserole before I start trimming the tree- you know what I mean?

But there is one thing I do not mind about the season starting early... Christmas shopping!  The older I get the more I appreciate being done with all the shopping hoopla before things get crazy out there.    A nice pair of gloves, a scarf, candle, pajamas, etc. are all fine and dandy but what about really getting personal with it? I love to find that perfect little something that makes a person's face light up.  That's when you know you did well.  So here's a few gift ideas that I've come across from my girl Gwyneth Paltrow (long time celebrity girl crush)  that are a little bit more unique!

These are custom rings by Carolina Bucci. Pricey but unique and very personal.

Juniper Cook's Books Set

Retro handsets by Yubz! Totally want one! Doesn't it remind you of early Carrie Bradshaw?

Classy, vintage, chic silver trays by Greenhouse Design Studio. 

My all time fave- state necklaces by Maya Brenner. I want to give these to all my California girls!  She also does  letters, numbers, and zodiac signs. 

This is adorable and so personal. Loves.

Corsett ring by Auralee Jewelry

Northern Hemisphere highball glasses by Marc Blackwell.  Putting a twist on the normal highball.  Love it.

Well that is all for today my pets.  Off to be lazy on this oddly warm November Sunday.  Football day! Go Bears!


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