Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peek at The White Party 2012!

Do you  know the old fashion rule, You can't wear white after Labor Day?  Well, summer is almost over, Labor Day is upon us, and it's time for Sunshine Daydream Events to put on one of the most classy events of the year- The White Party. What could be classier  than a white party on the shores of Lake Geneva? People will be sporting their tans that they've worked all summer to achieve and what better way to show it off then in some classy white hot duds?!

We've been scouting for some great decor items for this year's bash and here are some of the goods we'll be using. Classic whites, silvers and golds... Oh and tons of candles (thanks IKEA)!!

Love these simple little tea light holders

100 in a pack!

Votive holders. Again simple but effective in quantity. Gotta set the mood right!

Are these not amazing? Vintage coasters my mom found!

Crackled glass votive holders

Probably going to hang these somewhere...

Awesome goldy rustic woody thingy I found at a sidewalk sale. Not sure it's purpose yet but I know it has one...

OK that's all you get folks! Stay tuned for photos to come after the party!
Have a happy and safe Labor day!


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