Monday, December 5, 2011

Think Outside the Box!

Here at Sunshine Daydream we are all about the NON cookie cutter weddings.   Anything we can do to personalize and customize your wedding is what we will strive for.  Now-a-days there are no rules and a bride and groom can pretty much do anything they please to make the wedding of their dreams come true.  And Sunshine Daydream Events is here to guide you along the way-especially if you need help getting your wedding brain Outside That Box!

Here are a few ideas that we are big fans of :)

Very sweet

This definitely helps the good times start.  Perfect for an outside cocktail hour!

Love this idea-and it's so useful

Unbelievably romantic: Write letters to each other. Don't read them.  Add them to a box along with a favorite bottle of wine. During the ceremony nail it shut. Open it at your 25th wedding anniversary! 

So fun and very entertaining!

Guests love this and it gets them in that lovey-dovey mood :)

Love the colors- Sweets for the sweetest day of your lives!

Neat idea

Absolute Fave: Tie a fisherman's knot- the strongest kind.  The rope will break before the knot becomes undone. The knot only gets tighter with pressure.  After the wedding, hang it in your house as a reminder of the promises you exchanged that day. Doesn't that just make your heart tingle with love?!

How's that for some different ideas? 

What are you thinking of doing for your wedding that nobody else has done? We'd love to hear!

Celebrate today!

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