Friday, December 2, 2011

Creative Consumption

Every holiday season I am amazed by what the creative hands-on people do to make their holiday parties spectacular.  At Sunshine Daydream Events, we're always looking for fun ways to amp up our clients' holiday parties.  And since we live in Wisconsin and the dreamy winter atmosphere is already handed to us lucky party planners  for Christmas time, we look to other avenues of creativity to add a special flare- eats and drinks! Today I wanted to share some of the awesome things I've found that help inspire me to have fun and enjoy a little creative consumption!

Candy cane martini anyone?

So clever and totally do-able!

Coco Snowflake cocktail

Super fun edible Christmas tree- not to mention a healthy alternative to some of that fatty holiday party food we're always subjected to!

Teeny tiny gingerbread house

Grinch punch!

SUPER EASY and a total conversation piece. Works every time!

Peanut butter reindeer cookies=YUM

Classic pinwheel cookies- a favorite of mine!

Peppermint bark cheesecake- You can find it at The Cheesecake Factory, but I suggest making your own and serving it at your Christmas party!

Love love love chocolate covered pretzels at Christmas parties.  Fun way to add color and everybody loves a little salty sweetness!

Egg nog martini- very classy and beautiful look for a White Christmas party

Fun! Something the kids will like to help with, and they make for a great display since they stand up if you stick them in pretty much anything.

But the holidays wouldn't be complete for me without a glass of champagne and a splash of pomegranate :)

Today I received a Christmas card from two friends who make the most adorable couple and the card simply read: CELEBRATE EVERYTHING   and on the inside, Be Joyful.  

I couldn't have said it better myself Joe and Andrei.


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