Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Accessory Remembered...

So I was sitting at my computer, just about to start typing and the idea for today's blog just popped into my brain! I realized my hands were so cold and that I should make the trip upstairs to get my hand/wrist warmer thingys... and then I thought about gloves and then I thought about the absolutely adorable lace gloves that I just received for a model to wear in a photo shoot that we're doing in a couple weeks... All of these thoughts combined made me realize we just had to do a quick blog on an accessory that was once required for a wedding (almost always a formal affair in the past) and is now enjoying a lovely comeback- especially with our modern vintage brides!

I'll share a few that have caught my eye!

First these beauties from  Can't wait to use them in our New Year's Eve photo shoot!

These are from as well. Made of soft lambskin and embellished with an adorable bow!

Obviously BHLDN has some beautiful choices because here's another sweet little glove we just couldn't resist sharing! Seriously, can one of our brides please wear these?!

A flirty fingerless option by Seamstress by the Sea on

You can find these pretty little things at

Are any of you brides are there going to try this wedding trend? We hope so!


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