Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're back!

Well hello everyone!!

We've been slow on the posts (we apologize) but we've been very very busy behind the scenes at Sunshine Daydream Events! After a small cyber hiatus, we are back and are in full swing! And boy do we have some visual treats for you!

But first, we're going to start back off with  some amazing photos and inspiring color schemes we think can fit the ethereal, romantic, vintage bride look quite well (in other words, a Sunshine Daydream bride). These photos and colors  are inspiration enough to get any procrastinating bride back on her wedding planning toes and us back to the blogging! I saw these today and decided I just had to share these amazing colors and photos with the world. Or you know, you! No rhyme or reason to it, sometimes you just have to share. So you're welcome. Enjoy. And get ready for some great new material to come!

Photographs by the amazing Jen Huang and color swatches by the brilliant

See you soon!


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