Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Weddings in Wisconsin

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today's thoughts: Wisconsin may be the land of cheese and beer and cows (who doesn't love all 3 of those?) but no one tells you what a fantastic and magical place it is in the summer.  Summer in Wisconsin is the perfect season and location to get married!

Today I wanted to share a few more fun tips  I've come across related to the wedding world that I think would be fitting for a summer wedding in Wisconsin.

Use nature- Hang frames or candles from tree branches

Know your flowers- these are quite lovely

 Wear beautiful and low key attire to go with the natural setting

 Blush colored bridesmaid dresses- perfect accent color to a sunny summer day

 Try an unfrosted cake- a rustic and gorgeous take on wedding cake!

 Play outdoor games- makes cocktail hour more interesting and interactive

 Rustic chic bouquets

And try this everyday: put this in a place you both pass often, and leave a special note telling your fiance/spouse why you love them. 

Sometimes we forget to say it. This will help :)

On that note, go call/text/email/facebook/tweet/face time/iChat your special squeeze and tell them why you love them! 

We at Sunshine Daydream will be bridal gown shopping with an extra special bride tomorrow and then meetings with our brides-to-be to discuss weddings for next summer! 

I hope your weekend is as lovely as ours will be! 


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